We are specialized in organic pizza and pasta, we can offer whatever you specified in your order at any time and with good affordable precises. We have been serving our customers in Walsall, Birmingham, Dudley, AND even Wolverhampton for many years. Our organic Pizza and Pasta has been described by many as quality and healthy. we are open 7 day through the week. We also have delivery services should you wish to order as well as online order. Just visit our Online order page and tells whether you want to collect it or deliver it to your house.

For more information and specific needs, feel free to contact us by visiting our contact page, or give us a call or visit our restaurant at any time. we mainly based in Walsal please find our address in contact page.

Don't forget to view our special meals and offers of the month. Just give us a call or order online and we will be happy to serve you right a way

First Special Offer

MARGHERITA OREGANO Oregano’s own traditional baked pizza with mozzarella, tomato & oregano

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Second Special Offer

Siciliana Mozzarella, tomato sauce, chicken, red onions, sweet peppers, black olives (halal)

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Third Special Offer

Napoli Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salted anchovies, black olives, fresh garlic, oregano, fresh basilnew order

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Oregano pizza and pasta in walsall



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